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I imagine quite a few of you are unfamiliar with the type of game on which BBHigh is based or you could just be curious about episode 2 and whether you want to buy it or not. To that end, I've listed some frequently asked questions that might help clear things up. Any other questions should be asked in the forum and will then be added to this page if the answers are informative.

What is an interactive novel?
Short answer: Download the free episode 1 and find out. Longer answer: The interactive novel is a popular video game format in japan. You're told a story by a series of pictures and text (with a few special FX thrown in) and your choices at certain points in the game affect how the story plays out.

Is episode 2 much longer then episode 1?
It is definitely longer. How much will depend on how quickly you solve various puzzles. If you want a rough idea though, episode 1 is around 100MB and episode 2 is about 160MB.

What's with the annoying registration process with episode 2?
We all know how often paysite clips are pirated online. And quite frankly, when I'm making something completely unique, I'm not putting up with piracy. If my games are pirated, I just won't make any more- so I did my best job (given limited time) to make sure this doesn't happen.

I don't have Windows or MacOS, can I play BBHigh on any other platforms?
A linux port SHOULD be possible so contact me via the forums if you're interested. I just stuck with windows and mac to begin with as I assumed 99% of people fall into these categories.

How much ballbusting is there?
I really didn't want this series to be about ridiculous non-stop BB. I tend to think that gets old quite quickly. I prefer the kind that's occasional and has a bit of build up- and that's what I've tried to do here. I ultimately wanted you to get involved in the story, rather than just participate in mindless violence. But don't worry, there is a good amount of BB (even moreso in episode 2) and different choices in the story will sometimes unlock even more!

I can't get the game working, do you offer refunds?
Refunds are a tricky business with digital media (as you can obviously hang onto the goods AND get your money back) so in general the answer will be NO. What's more, that's why episode 1 is available for free. If THAT works on your computer, episode 2 should as well. If it doesn't work, just post on the forum and we'll figure out the problem!

OK, I've played episode 2, when is episode 3 going to be released?
I can't give you a date at the moment. It really will depend on how much free time I have (and how well episode 2 does). When I'm a fair way through it, I'll release some preview pics and maybe a video. Until then, I recommend you head over to the forum and answer the poll about what you want to see in episode 3.

Why didn't you make a 3D game instead?
I'd love to make a full 3D game but it's a far more ambitious project. These first games acted as something of a litmus test so I could see how much interest there is. If they do well enough, I'll definitely consider a 3D game in the future. If so, it would have to be done in episodes once again as I can't invest a huge amount of time in something if it turns out to be unpopular.